Reuben Vincent Releases Single “Big Bank”

“Big Bank Don’t Take Bo Bo (Lil Bank)”…  After an incredibly redemptive week performing at NBA All Star Weekend and the announcement that he will be joining Bas for his 24-city We Only Talk About Real Shit When Were Fucked Up Tour (which will include his second consecutive year performing at the Dreamville Festival), Reuben Vincent returns with a new single, “Big Bank.”

There is no question that Reuben Vincent is an emerging star.  The Tidal Rising Artist is releasing his new single, “Big Bank,” on the heels of his most successful single to date in “FUFU,” which was released in January and his recent performance at NBA All-Star Weekend. 

With “FUFU,” Reuben brought his fans further into his culture and West African (Liberia) roots, “Big Bank” takes that ideology even further with a worldly perspective.  “Coming from an African household, “Big Bank” came about in the midst of me wanting to create a sound that catered to all of the aspects of who I am” Reuben affirmed.  “When Beloved, Henny (producers of “Big Bank”) and I got into the studio, we wanted to make something that connected all of our worlds.  “Boa Boa” means “small boy,” so “Big Bank Don’t Take Boa Boa”- means Big Bank Don’t Take Little Bank.  This record is more bravado, and the pride in my heritage, and who I am; and standing on that!” 

Reuben’s forthcoming General Admission EP will be released this spring, and will further immerse you into his burgeoning movement and third-world takeover.