Real J. Offers Video For “Cabin Fever IV”

For the last decade Real J. has released projects in dedication to the Martin Luther King Freeway (94 Freeway) in San Diego to suggest the MLK interstate as also an “inner-state of mind.” Cabin Fever IV speaks to MLK’s legacy and a way forward for those who aim to follow in his footsteps.

Another day another cop pull a Trigger
It make me mad because they ain’t gone Remember
It make me sad because they don’t wanna Hear it
And yo I get it, they don’t care cause they don’t Live it
I can’t escape it, melanin is in my Spirit

Real J. aka Ramel Wallace inhabits the mind, body & spirit of San Diego-based Hip Hop artist, local activist & respected community leader “Real J Wallace”. Best known for his work with AbJo of Soulection and former Universal recording artist Blu, today Real J Wallace releases an acapella video for “Cabin Fever IV” across all streaming platforms via The Holyfield (a San Diego-based community organization that focuses on music, education and empowerment.) 
The release comes on the heels of Real J’s most recent collaboration with Daniel Koestner: Cabin Fever, a 4 track EP that evokes the feeling of insanity w/ a compounded cabin fever that we are now all too familiar with. With 4 different takes on the same idea, Real J and Daniel burn down their worlds, ready to build something new. From neighborhood freestyler to board member of the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art — Real J is as passionate about serving his community as he is dedicated to preserving Black culture through music and storytelling.