Rachel Lark Shares Video For “The Unicorn Song”

Whether it’s comedy, musical theater or a bit of both, Oakland-based singer/songwriter Rachel Lark makes audiences laugh, cry and remember we’re all human. With hints of Garfunkel & Oates and Alanis Morissette, her newly released single “The Unicorn Song” is a whimsical journey through polyamorous follies. It follows the release of the song’s music video and is the first taste of Lark’s new EP Sex and Balances, out September 25. Full of political angst and existential dread, the EP speaks to the moment of 2020 better than Lark would like it to. 

“The Unicorn Song” follows a naive husband and wife’s quest for a unicorn in their newly polyamorous relationship — tongue-in-cheek qualifications include “gymnast,” “mentally stable but emotionally available,” “laughs at all our jokes” & “volunteers with orphans.” Sex & Balances is an EP in which Lark explores her place as an artist and cultural actor, questions the values of the world around her, and ponders the contradictions that fuel her creativity. It is a collection of songs that are lyrically driven, genre-agnostic, brutally honest, and infectiously catchy. 
Lark has cultivated a loyal following on Patreon, which she relies on to fund all of her projects, almost all of which she produces herself. She is the host of the upcoming podcast, “What’s The Point?” and for the past four years she has been working on a rock musical called Coming Soon, a hilarious yet brutally raw adventure that follows one millennial woman’s quest for sexual fulfillment. She’s currently workshopping drive-in live shows as a way to bring live performance to people during the pandemic and works on different social justice causes when she’s not playing music. She has helped place immigrant families and individuals who had recently crossed the border with sponsors in order to get them out of ICE detention.