Rachel Grae Shares New Single “Colorblind”

Rising pop star Rachel Grae is one of this year’s fastest growing talents, with millions of fans and the impossible to ignore energy of artists like Billie Eilish and Adele. But in a new single & video out now, she admits she’s “Colorblind” when it comes to seeing red or green flags in relationships. The heartfelt ballad was written during a TikTok LIVE, where her fanbase – who she calls her “friendbase” – quickly became attached to the track, witnessing its process from creation to official release now. Audiences can see Grae live in New York on November 26 at Rockwood Music Hall and in Boston on December 3 at The Red Room at Cafe 939 – tickets here.

Grae explains: “The music video for ‘Colorblind’ is about the difficulty in avoiding red flags in an unhealthy relationship. As the music video goes on, a more confident version of the girl in the toxic relationship finds the courage to realize her worth, break out of the cycle, and move on.”

This new single comes on the heels of “Right Person Right Time,” following the mental spirals and what-ifs of heartbreak. Grae’s vulnerable, ripped-from-her-diary songwriting and powerful voice has led her to more than 1 million fans across socials and 35 million streams in the blink of an eye, catching the attention of MTV, American Songwriter & beyond. With more than 14 million likes on Tik Tok, she’s also grown her Instagram followers and Spotify monthly listeners by 800% since May this year.

But Rachel first shared her performance videos anonymously, hiding her face. Then a Bruno Mars cover got her noticed, and she soon was inspired to grow her talent and confidence, learning piano and writing every day before doing her homework. She now connects with people every day through social media, helping them through personal issues, leaking new songs they help shape and finally doing what she loves. She is constantly looking for new ways to use her platform for the greater good, championing causes related to sustainability, mental health and more.