Psychobuildings Drop “House of Fame”

Brooklyn-based, critically acclaimed Indie Pop/Chillwave band Psychobuildings are back with their third single/video, “House of Fame” after 8 years of anticipation, and is from their next studio album, Blackout (out 10/16/2020).

Of the video, frontman and central songwriter, Peter LaBier said, ”The new Psychobuildings music video, ‘House of Fame’, directed by Canadian based artist Alex McLeod takes viewers on a fantastical and bizarre animated journey into a realm of shiny objects and tentacle like forms pulsing with animacy. With our current climate of widespread uncertainty, that time has come with Blackout an expression of the collective struggles we have been facing. A blackout can include both darkness and loss, but there remains some space for reflection and the album was written to emphasize the spirit of the complexity between this association.” Blackout is a reaction to the beauty and turbulence experienced by  LaBier since going dark in 2012.