Pigs X7 Shares “Mr. Medicine”

Newcastle’s Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs recently announced the release of their fourth album, Land Of Sleeper due out 17th February on Rocket Recordings.

Today the band reveal the video for the first single “Mr Medicine” – made by the artist Wilm Danby, known for his paintings and video art for the likes of Palace, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Bullion. “When I first heard the track, I immediately felt a kind of forward motion, like being pushed forward by an unknown force in a nightmare, toward an unknown place, floating but with no control. Scary but fun…” says Danby. “On repeated listens, it became sort of a mantra with riffs, about transcending fear through some kind of ritual or rite of passage. I wanted to make that ritual happen, to see what it could look like, and if it would work. A stone circle was the obvious place for this, the moon is famously great at transforming things, and transformations are usually very painful!”