Pick Patek Drops Video For ”penelope”

Fresh off the release of the newest Pick Patek single “penelope”, the rising rap artist has now shared a desert-set music video for the track shot by RAI BRED Visuals.

With lyrics about “about remembering a person that used to be close to you in your life”, the music video for penelope is one of several to come from the album that tell an overarching story. As Pick describes it: “The music video for ‘penelope’ is one of four concept videos from the album that tell an overarching story. In ‘penelope’, I awaken stranded in the desert with nobody or nothing for miles around. After walking for some time, I come across an old TV set sitting in the middle of the desert. I walk up to it, sit down, and turn on the TV. I watch as myself and my ex-girlfriend Cece (played by Lex Meral) interact on a plain white set. I watch myself pick petals off of a flower and see Cece’s mood and feelings for me change with each petal.”

“penelope” comes from Pick Patek’s forthcoming new album – titled U CAN’T REACH ME – and shows off his unique melodic rapping style over a silky smooth hip-house beat produced by Pick himself and producer Yung Wacho. Inspired by contemporaries like KayCyy, Smino, and PinkPantheress whose styles effortlessly transcend rap, pop, RnB, and electronic music to create an intoxicating blend of all of the above, Pick Patek’s style can’t be boxed in.

Photo Courtesy: Mina Sundwall