Phil Augusta Jackson Shares “Alone”, Announces New Album

Musician, writer, actor, director, and poet Phil Augusta Jackson announces The Redondo Tape, out September 4th, an introspective and melodic EP for the ever-evolving hip-hop culture. Produced by up-and-coming producer Nick Lee (Demi Lovato, Poo Bear, Dillon Francis), The Redondo Tape finds Phil unpacks the various threads of his psyche over immaculate, wide-spanning productions that combine R&B soul-searching, trap’s relentless drive, and diaristic hip-hop storytelling. It’s an exploratory, emotionally resonant project from a creatively restless mind bursting with energy and ideas. 

Jackson has shared lead single “Alone,” a track whose electro-steeped beat mimes the solitary, loping walk home described in the song — the type of reflective, hypnotic journey that lets one’s darker thoughts and simultaneous unbridled optimism reverberate just a little more prominently than usual. Accompanying the single is a self-produced, self-directed, one-shot video that follows Phil walking the streets of Los Angeles’s Los Feliz neighborhood where he lives. The clip is imbued with an eerie air of foreboding, as a daily practice that Phil uses to clear his head feels heavy with the weight of COVID precaution. 

The six song EP is a snapshot of the time Phil spent living in Redondo Beach while writing for Insecure. Says Phil about The Redondo Tape: 
“‘The Redondo Tape’ is about life — ambition, love, heartache, all of the dimensions of life that make living interesting. It’s a reflective project. You could listen to it as the sun sets or while you’re taking a walk and go through a range of emotions… Tracks like ‘Headspace’ capture my energy and how I move about the world, while ‘Alone’ feels more like poetry – the cadence along with the words just felt good to record.”

Raised in Philadelphia (one of the tape’s tracks is appropriately titled “Jawn”) and born to Jamaican immigrants, Phil Augusta Jackson’s career has seen him undertake a variety of roles: musical artist and producer, resident poet for public access cult hit The Chris Gethard Show, writer for shows like Key & Peele and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and now as a co-executive producer on HBO’s Insecure. Recently, Phil sold a new TV show pilot to NBC entitled Grand Crew, centered around dating and wine. He has also received Emmy, WGA and NAACP award nominations, having established himself as an exciting young voice to watch.