Oliver Marson Shares “Death Of A Pornstar”

Ahead of the release of his highly anticipated debut album this Friday, today, London-based art-pop artist Oliver Marson has shared new single ‘Death Of A Pornstar’. Of his new single, Marson says: 

“This was a difficult song to approach because it might seem like I am just being gratuitous and provocative for the sake of it. However, I think art should really be about trying to address difficult topics. In this case, it really is about the oppression that exists within the porn industry. Many pornstars, male and female, die and many people consume pornography without knowing that. This is something I came across when listening to The Last Days of August podcast and also Pornocracy: The New Sex Multinationals. I think it’s really reflective of the society we live in, we often consume without thinking. It’s something that only gets worse as technology and inequality is exacerbated and we’ve reached a point where people are commodified digitally and people are largely expendable. In the song, I tried to create a scenario in the future, where the consciousness of the internet merges with AI so that these dead pornstars come back and take revenge on these multinationals and zombie w**kers.”

Oliver Marson’s music exists in the same vein as art rock bands like Sparks and Pulp as well as more contemporary artists like Alex Cameron, Kirin J Callinan and Connan Mockasin. His signature croon, energetic shows and satirical lyrics commenting on the grisly truths of 2020s Britain have earned him a cult following in the UK and on October 6th, Marson is set to release his keenly awaited debut album, Why Did I Choose This?