of Montreal Shares Video "Get God's Attention By Being An Athiest"

of Montreal is sharing a video for the single “Get God’s Attention By Being An Atheist” following the release of their latest album, UR FUN, last month. The album is an electro-pop homage to Kevin’s personal life, and in the bright and energetic video, his nephew fights whatever monsters get in his way.

Of The video Kevin Barnes offers: “I wanted to use child actors because this song is an anthem to rebellion and fuck-all’edness. Anybody who’s spent any time around five-year-olds knows that they are the embodiment of punk rock élan. My brother’s son plays the role of Baby Lanc, a sort of Pied Piper character that teaches other kids how to conquer their demons, and have a blast while doing it!”

of Montreal is about to embark on an extensive national tour alongside openers Lily’s Band, Lily and Horn Horse, and of course Locate S,1. For a full list of dates see below.