Norway’s Onsloow Shares “Unstoppable”

Onsloow’s eight-track, self-titled album sees release digital release via How is Annie records on January 21, 2022. The Trondheim, Norway’s band is a fresh, well-crafted indie rock band that creates rousing and dreamy powerpop sounds with nuances and nods to pop punk.

The sweet, feminine energy of Johanne Rimul’s charming vocal work mixes confidently with the confident and ferocious playing of guitarists Mathias Nylenna, bassist Lasse Berg and drummer Morten Samdal, and finds the band in league with contemporaries like The Beths, Tigers Jaw, Girl In Red and Paramore, and even Superchunk, Weezer and The Get Up Kids.

It’s no surprise then that among their fans it’s easy to find aging parents of young children who long for the sweet nostalgia of their glory days as well as young hipsters who have embraced the aesthetics and charm of melodic guitars and catchy singalongs that wouldn’t have been out of place in the ’90s.

Onsloow was produced by Marius Ergo (Lukestar, Truls and The Trees, Insomniac Bears), and the album is proceeded by the album’s first single, “Overthinking,” which was launched to rave reviews in the British music press, a second single, “A Good Day to Forget,” which is currently on heavy rotation with NRK-P13, Norway’s BBC 6 equivalent.

“The album was recorded during the pandemic downtown Oslo, in a building with tons of studios, so you could hear hip hop and EDM-beats pounding through the walls, recalls drummer Samdal. “I guess we were the only ones using jaguars and tube screamers…

“We live in another city, and Oslo was shifting on being locked down and open, and if we we’re allowed to travel domestic at all. We felt like a guerrilla or something, waiting for the government’s go. As soon as they gave allowance, we went in the studio, trying to finish before they shut down again!

“It was produced and mixed by out very talented friend Marius Ergo, and mastered by hardcore legend Will Killingsworth (Orchid). Eight songs made the cut and we love them.”

The band recently shared their video for “Unstoppable.”

“A music journalist once wrote that we ‘sounded like an obscure ’90s band,'” Samdal says. “I guess our nod to the ’90s can’t be more obvious than in this video. You couldn’t grow up back then without seeing ‘Ironic’ by Alanis Morissette nonstop on MTV, so the video idea was basically just putting Johanne in a sweet ride and have her channeling her inner Alanis. And she did!

“Her trip ends up on an alpaca farm where we’ve hung out before and done press photos,” he adds. “We love those animals, especially Georg, a white alpaca who’s curious and sweet. The song, ‘Unstoppable,’ is about sucking and trying not to suck that hard, and the video is directed by our friend Finn Walther, who’s made tons of good stuff.”

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