Nada Surf Share “New Propeller”

Nada Surf returns with their anticipated new LP, Moon Mirror (New West Records), on September 13, 2024. The 11-song set was produced by the band with Ian Laughton (Supergrass, Ash) and recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, Wales. Moon Mirror is Nada Surf’s first album in four years and marks the 30th anniversary of their debut single, “The Plan”/“Telescope.”A thrilling and moving leap forward for the band, Moon Mirror is true to the human experience — as meaningful and mysterious and sometimes absurd as it is. These new songs thrum with love, grief, deep loneliness, doubt, wonder, and hope. There is hard-won wisdom and hard-won belief in possibility. It has everything fans love and expect from the band: play-on-repeat heart punches, poetic and thought-provoking musings on the world around them, and bittersweet anthems that begin quietly but explode into soaring harmonies.Today, Nada Surf released the video for the album highlight “New Propeller” which was directed by Mark Pellington (The Mothman Prophecies).

Matthew Caws says the song is “a rumination on changes. It’s probable that during most years, most decades, we’ve felt that the present is peeling away from the past, that things are taking a new turn, sometimes a darker one. That ‘things are different now.’ These last years have been no exception. It feels obvious to say that things are changing faster than ever, but they really are. AI is a new frontier that is raising so many questions, and it’s undeniable that we’re in a different political world than we were a few years ago. Mark Pellington helped us explore the murky waters of the present with our ‘Just Wait’ video in 2021 and now he’s helping us again.” Pellington says, “We filmed real people affected by this new world — working, living, reading, teaching, with images as metaphor, abstraction and as cryptic remnants of progress, exploring issues of nature vs. consumerism, nostalgia, the cost of progress and perhaps the eternal quest for connection and simplicity joy.” Caws adds, “It’s unavoidable that parts of our lives will change, and some parts may be erased, but I feel hopeful knowing that as long as we have each other and keep a sense of community, we’ll be able to live out our days feeling alive and present.” The band previously released the video for the first single, “In Front of Me Now,” a heartfelt warning against sleepwalking through the one life we have. With “In Front of Me Now,”