Museum Of Love Single/Video “Marching Orders”

Museum Of Love is the New York-based duo of Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany who share their new single/video, “Marching Orders,” from their forthcoming album, Life Of Mammals (Skint Records), dropping July 9th. It follows the lead single/video “Cluttered World” and their  “Cluttered World / Marching Orders (Remixed)” EP featuring remixes by Parrot and Cocker Too and Justin Van Der Volgen. “Marching Orders” starts with an irresistible cowbell-driven rhythm track. It builds with a propulsive bass riff, a casually whistled melody, and a whole studio load of chaos. Combined together, it’s a hypnotic musical invitation to join Museum of Love’s carnival procession that’s part Blackstar, part NYC block party, and part after-hours smash up at Mardi Gras.

The video, featuring footage deconstructed and edited by Shaun MacDonald, “is a hallucinogenic dreamscape describing the collective feelings everyone went through over the last year of the pandemic,” says Museum Of Love. “All of us feeling crammed in our tiny apartments like an elephant in a tiny tea house.  Time and reality, not computing for many of us.