Momma Share “Motorbike” 

Brooklyn-based band Momma—led by singers/guitarists Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten— today released their latest anthemic earworm “Motorbike,” the final single ahead of Friday’s release of their highly anticipated new album Household Name (Polyvinyl Record Co.) The track is accompanied by an Emma Penrose & Zack Shorrosh-directed video, which mirrors the song’s themes of romantic fantasy. “I wrote this song about a boy I had a crush on who really wanted nothing to do with me,” explains Weingarten, who sings lead vocals on “Motorbike.” “The song is basically just fantasyeven though it’s about a real person, it’s also about how we can make up elaborate ideas of who other people are in our heads, and get so caught up in these fake scenarios that they kind of end up feeling real. I wanted the song to feel like you’re escaping something, because my daydreams about this boy and his motorcycle were definitely an escape from my life at the time.”

Produced by Momma’s Aron Kobayashi Ritch and mastered by engineer Emily Lazar (The Killers, Maggie Rogers), Household Name is the quickly rising group’s first full-band collaboration recorded in a proper studio that sees the band skillfully carve out their own path in today’s world of alt rock. Balancing heavy riffs, deep emotions, inviting sonic production, and a lighthearted, wry sense of humor, Household Name tells the world: This is Momma.