MOGWAI New Single/Video “Ceiling Granny”

Mogwai releases their new single “Ceiling Granny” and debut its video, filmed and edited by filmmaker and skateboarder Jon Miner, and featuring video from his archive dating back to 1995, the year of the band’s formation. The song is lifted from Mogwai’s tenth studio album As The Love Continues, which debuted at number 1 on the UK Official Albums Chart, their first number 1 album, and at number 9 on Billboard’s US Top Album Sales Chart, their first time inside the US top 40.

Miner says: “Having a career in skateboarding for the past 25 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mogwai on a variety of skate video projects, their music has always been a huge inspiration. As a result of the lockdown last year I had time to organize some of my film archives, going back to Super 8 reels from 1995. Being a young skateboarder with a camera there’s a playfulness in the quality of the film and the moments captured while traveling to different parts of the globe for the first time. With the overall climate of 2020 it felt good to revisit that feeling. Thanks to Mogwai, I was given the opportunity to explore that feeling for “Ceiling Granny”. The film is a mixture of Super8 and 16mm shot between 1995-2010. As the love continues…”

Mogwai have advanced without a plan since they were teenagers, there have been no secretive meetings to work out the master plan. It is rare to hear a band that has been going for this long, and have this many albums behind them – ten records in and still no disappointments or mistaken creative left turns. You may know what to expect, but you will never get the same. Both transcendent and surprising, As The Love Continues shows that Mogwai are still offering solace from the mundane, supplying the soundtrack to whatever movie you are making in your head.