MishCatt Releases New Single “Goofy”

MishCatt – alter ego of Michelle González – is the alluring and sultry voice from Costa Rica (now based in Los Angeles) who grew up singing, playing guitar and piano, while using music as a sanctuary for expression and sonic exploration. She gave a moving acoustic performance of “Fades Away” before 50,000 fans at the Avicii Tribute Concert For Mental Health Awareness late last year, performing alongside David Guetta, Rita Ora, Adam Lambert and more. 
MishCatt has shared with fans the new single “Goofy,” the first musical advance from her upcoming EP. The playful new track was written and produced with Carl Falk, Albin Nedler and DYO, the team behind such artists as Ariana Grande, Avicii and Madonna.

Born with synesthesia – a perceptual condition of mixed senses – MishCatt credits her condition for her unique take on music and visuals. The “Goofy” video was directed by Carla Daudenand and styled by costume designer Karla Miranda (Billie Eilish, Cardi B, The Weeknd). Inspired by the 90s TV series Miami Vice, the video transports MishCatt to exotic and contrasting places. She showcases her talent, style, charisma, and attitude while exploring the silly moments of a flourishing young romance.

 “Writing with Carl Falk, Albin Nedler and Dyo was absolutely awesome. Before starting a writing session, the most important thing in the room is the vibe, and when you have good chemistry and trust, magic happens. It has been such a hard year for everyone, that I hope this song works as therapy for mood elevation! Hope it reminds you of a place you love to go to in your mind, people you love, feelings you love. We did it with so much love and excitement, hope you guys enjoy it.“ – MishCatt