Mindy Drops Video For “Poolside”

Korean American artist and musician Mindy (Mindy Song) released an immersive 3D music video for “Poolside” from her debut EP Version 1.27, out now. Addressing the struggle with overcoming alienation while traversing a cinematic landscape, the video was directed by Emmy award-winning Adrian Pruett, director and director of photography of Red Table Talks with Jada Pinkett Smith and cinematographer of the 2021 film “Venus As A Boy” which premiered and won the audience award at the Tribeca Film Festival. The video is just the latest sample of Mindy’s distinct visual aesthetic, following “Nervous Shudders” and first single “Am I Alive.”

Mindy emerged as a solo artist in May of 2021 after co-founding Night Dreamer with Jeff Schroeder from the Smashing Pumpkins and working with producers Ryan Kim & Aris Maggiani (BTS, Exo, HyunA),  Lior Goldenberg (Alanis Morisette, Macy Gray, Allen Stone) and Josiah Mazzaschi (Soko, The Jesus Mary Chain, Warpaint’s Jenny Lee), and Tristan Calder (Kill The Computer). Mindy’s artistic expression challenges the conservative ideology of her upbringing and powerfully displays transcendence from loneliness and confusion. 
Mindy debuted such concepts in her first music video “Am I Alive,” in which she punches herself repeatedly while performing in front of an uninterested crowd. Now, the artist is following up the powerful performance with “Poolside,” a trippy dance song about finding comfort within the smallest aspects of life.

August 28, 2021 at The Offbeat in Los Angeles, CA with Jace Warr, Femral, Lealani, Xeyoma, Lain, Stenchii, and Julia Forever. Buy tickets here.

Photo Courtesy: Adrian Pruett