Miles Francis Shares Video For Single ”Don’t Fight Anymore”

Multifaceted NY singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Miles Francis returns with a new video for their electronic-pop ballad “Don’t Fight Anymore.” This marks the last release from their album Good Man, praised by media outlets worldwide. Miles’ experiences creating the project helped them come out as non-binary, resulting in works of gorgeous paradox: nuanced explorations of masculinity and all its trappings, presented in a sound that’s joyfully unfettered. 

To celebrate, Miles Francis is throwing The Good Man Gala at beloved Brooklyn venue The Sultan Room on April 27. The polymathic artist will be joined by special guests Kalbells & RaFia, plus DJ sets from Will Butler (Arcade Fire) & Aguapanela Mami. Ticket link here.

Good Man follows someone trying desperately to plow forward, culminating in “Don’t Fight Anymore” – the breaking point. A man who has been running from true confrontation with his heart, body and truth for so long that he has no choice but to turn and face himself. The track features Miles’ father, Leif Arntzen, on trumpet, as well as a string trio (Camellia Hartman, Midori Witkoski and Meitar Forkosh) and baritone saxophonist Maria Christina Eisen. Miles played the drums, bass, guitars and keyboards on the song, layering each instrument live in their studio.

Miles explains: “There is a lot wrapped up in the song for me personally – my manhood and gender, my parents, my relationship – but universally it’s about not fighting ‘it’ anymore, and that ‘it’ is different for everyone.”

The video, directed by frequent collaborator Charles Billot, features the “Silverman”, a character that Miles created to represent the masculinity standard and societal pressure. Miles’ parents, Kathy and Leif, also appear in the video (who make frequent cameos throughout previous music videos, and the album cover).

Photo Courtesy: Shervin Lainez