Meat Wave Hate Your “Ridiculous Car”

Chicago-based punks Meat Wave share the ear-splitting “Ridiculous Car,” the band’s second single of 2022 and one of the first songs they wrote for their forthcoming album out this fall on Swami Records, whose arc moves from looking outward to inward. With the new single, however, Meat Wave aim to connect personality similarities between very different types of people through a hilarious analogy. 

“There is a special place in hell for bros who zoom down the expressway weaving through traffic like they’re playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’,” the band said about “Ridiculous Car.” “The reckless endangerment that we are all subjected to because some douchebag installed a spoiler makes my blood boil. Plus, your car looks stupid. When it comes to one’s vices and vanity and ignorance, maybe we’re not too dissimilar from these fucking bros (in other destructive ways). I digress. Ultimately, it’s a ripper.” 

“Ridiculous Car” follows the release of “Honest Living,” a song conceived on the company dime — heavy eyelids, simultaneously caffeinated and hungover, working to live but only simply surviving. America, the beautiful.