Matt Lovell Announces Debut Album, Shares Emotional Single “90 Proof”

The road leading up to today has anything but easy for Nashville-based singer/songwriter Matt Lovell.  In January 2017, Lovell almost lost his life after being shot in the chest point blank  by a teenager who attempted to steal his car.  The horrific event led to Lovell experiencing PTSD which now has been treated.  

Today, Lovell has announced the upcoming release of his debut album, Nobody Cries Today, out on June 5th.  In support of the news, Lovell has dropped the video that accompanies the first single “90 Proof”.  The song came to him while he was working at a local restaurant and he ventured into the bathroom to record it on his phone. “I was in the middle of singing ‘I’ve been trying to lose your number, but my fingers won’t forget’ when one of my customers walked into the restaurant bathroom on me,” he recalled. “They probably still talk about their silly Nashville waiter singing in the bathroom.”