Mariposa Shares Video “Callan”

Colombian and Italian artist Mariposa is redefining what Latin rap looks like today with her genre-defying sound, DIY-aesthetic and insatiable desire to push the boundaries. Today, she shares her booming new single,  “Callan”  accompanied by a charged up music video directed by frequent collaborator Nayim Saddek Mracha. The visual showcases the juxtaposing forces at the core of Mariposa’s work – menacing raps, themes of female empowerment, community and a Y2K style – making up the magical world of a self proclaimed “hyperactive weirdo who just wants to be free,” says Mariposa. “Callan” is Mariposa’s claim to the world that she is ready to make her mark on her own terms, regardless of naysayers and bigger forces at play.

The 25 year old trilingual artist Mariposa taught herself how to make music and record from scratch as a vehicle for self-expression and healing. She is at the forefront of a movement shifting the music landscape to be more fluid and inclusive. She represents a new generation that exists between cultures, languages, genres and whose multi-dimensional identities are at the forefront. Mariposa’s music is rooted in immense honesty and transparency about her journey in hopes of uplifting others. 

Mariposa: “Quien me va decir que no lo puedo hacer. A mi me encanta desobedecer. ‘Callan’ represents the build up of frustration that culminates with a climax or explosion to set me free.”