Lydia Loveless Shares Video “Love Is Not Enough,” Announces New Album

Lydia Loveless announced the new album, Daughter, to be released on her new label, Honey, You’re Gonna Be Late Records, out September, 25th, 2020. Today she’s shared the chiming lead single “Love Is Not Enough” alongside its video, which she co-directed with Michael Casey. Daughter – her first album in four years – marks the triumphant return of Loveless, and documents a period of personal upheaval, including divorce and an interstate move away from her longtime home. Left feeling unmoored and adrift, Loveless worked to redefine herself, both in her own mind and within the context of the world. Written with her characteristic candidness and razor-sharp wit, Daughter is a self-aware journey into independence.

“The song is a response to the old-fashioned idea that love is all you need as opposed to understanding, or give and take. On a larger scale, it’s about people who say things like ‘love trumps hate’ and take zero action to make it true. It’s not enough to ‘feel’ the emotion of love to make things work whether it’s in your own personal relationships or the way you interact with the world,” explains Loveless. “For the video, my friend and I came up with the idea of two a**hole characters running around terrorizing someone until they snap, and ultimately find out these guys’ heads are just full of rocks and old food. Originally I don’t think I was supposed to be that person, but we have limited actors at our disposal during the pandemic and that actually ended up making it more fun. The papier-mâché elements create a sort of otherworldly vibe that I think everyone is feeling right now.”