Linda Lindas Collab W/ Bikini Kill’s Kathi & Erica and Vice Cooler in “Lost In Thought”

After spending the past month teasing their upcoming record LAND TRUST: Benefit for The North East Farmers of Color (available exclusively on Bandcamp) – Bikini Kill’s Erica Dawn Lyle and The Raincoats’ Vice Cooler mark the release of their debut album today with the video premiere of the album’s latest single, the all-out punk banger “Lost in Thought.” This song is the duo’s collaboration with The Linda Lindas and Bikini Kill’s Kathi Wilcox.

As with all of the other songs on LAND TRUST – including the record’s first two singles, made with Kathleen Hanna and Kim Gordon respectively –  the song was the result of a remote collaboration between Lyle and Cooler that began in the early days of the pandemic. Lyle approached Cooler with the idea that they’d write songs together via file sharing ask their friends in their music community to add vocals, lyrics, and bass. Then they’d make the results available as a benefit record.

Lyle says, “When we came up with the music for this one, it just felt like a rager and it brought to mind for me the pure exuberance of The Linda Lindas, so I suggested we invite them to sing on it. I thought of asking Kathi to add bass because I just remember how much we all enjoyed playing with and being around The Linda Lindas when they opened for Bikini Kill at The Palladium in 2019. Having them on a track with Kathi also really fit with the general theme of the record we were making which was shaping up as an intergenerational lineup of lady rocker badasses.”

Lucia of The Linda Lindas commented on the songwriting process: “We all liked the idea of a call-and-response vocal thing in the verse, which really just took after the instrumental part. It’s about feeling overwhelmed by everything bottled up in your brain and getting so lost in yourself you become unaware of your surroundings.”

Bella chimes in: “In the bridge, there’s this chaos. It’s meant to represent how sometimes there are so many ideas or thoughts or just things on your mind, which gets so busy, and it’s supposed to feel like just the right amount of too much.”

The video, directed by Cooler, captures the infectious kids-being-kids vibes of The Linda Lindas, as seen through a SoCal skate-punk lens. It was shot while all of the artists were still observing strict covid protocols – but it didn’t stop them from having fun at the shoot. The Linda Lindas’ Mila recounts her experience:  “We got to jump around and we even had a little circle pit. There were skateboards, cartwheels, dancing, cool poses, and hanging upside down on monkey bars. We checked all the boxes!” Cooler agrees, “We had a really positive afternoon filming and shot everyone in under one hour!”