Kissing Party Set To Drop Album, Share Video For “No Advice”

Denver’s self-proclaimed “slop pop” act Kissing Party return with the announcement of their new album Graceless, set for release on November 17 via the band’s own record label, BBYV Records. The project features ten sleazy pop gems, acting as a snapshot of the band’s life for the past three years, complete with themes of escape, loss, longing, heartache, heartbreak, and occasionally…happiness. The result is a compilation of tracks that are instant, intense, and dramatic without a sense of irony, yet somehow retain a sense of humor that makes you want to drink, then dance, then drink some more.

Alongside the announcement, Kissing Party also shared the first look into the project with today’s single + video, “No Advice.” The heady track highlights the signature lo-fi sound that the band is known for, as lyrics explore self-deception and emotional complexities, with guitars reminiscent of Joy Division and crooner-esque vocals in the style of Morrissey. The accompanying video, created by the band’s main visionary and founder, Gregg Dolan, matches the obscured nature of the track with visual effects and cut clips of the group.

Kissing Party is the quintessence of the DIY culture, reflected in their effortless aesthetic. Considering the term ‘indie’ to be a useless descriptor of music in the 21st century, the pop-princess-trash artists have dubbed themselves as ‘slop pop,’ a perfectly blended chaos of dream-pop, shoegaze, and beach goth.

Transplants of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, the group makes music like their lives depend on it. Every aspect of the band’s world – from the music to the artwork, to the videos and t-shirts – is created by the band’s founder, Gregg Dolan. After receiving national acclaim from their 2019 album Mom & Dad, Kissing Party re-released a deluxe edition of their culture classic The Hate Album in 2020 and a slew of singles, including “Fuck the Future” (2020), “Pig City” (2021), and “Boy with Pipe,” (2022). The band is finally ready to unleash their dirty and dreamy masterpiece Graceless into the wild this fall.

Photo Courtesy: Veronica Dolan