Kingdom Kome x Onaje Jordan Shares “Give Thanks”

Lo-Life-affiliated lyricist Kingdom Kome has dropped new visuals for “Give Thanks” this morning. Powered by Hometeam Collective’s producer Onaje Jordan the track is a spiritual meditative on appreciating the fruits of your labors and loved one’s. Commenting on the track the emcee said “At this point in my career and life I find myself extremely grateful and thankful for all the hardships endured and for every single moment and every single breath.”  For the video, the emcee treks through the woods of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains with his son Enoch Sol and their dog Anubis as well as other locations.

“Give Thanks” appears on the newly released LP, Most High, which features appearances from Ruen, New Villain, Chuck Chan, Lazarus Child, Supreme Sorcerers, DNTE, Elohim The Anomaly, Iman Quintera, and Nejma Nefertiti.