King Buzzo Shares Video “I’m Glad I Could Help Out”

King Buzzo, the venerable Melvins’ frontman, shares a second track from his forthcoming sophomore release, Gift of Sacrifice (Ipecac Recordings). “’I’m Glad I Could Help Out’ is the only song on the album that was done in a single take,” explains Osborne of the new track which also features Mr. Bungle/Fantômas and Melvins Lite bass player Trevor Dunn. “Trevor and I recorded this in one live session and I couldn’t have been happier with what the result was.”

The video, which was created by Jesse Nieminen, arrives as Ipecac Recordings announces a shift from the 10-song album’s original release date of May 15 to Aug. 14.

“It’s no secret that these are strange times The music industry has been wounded as have most everyone else,” says Ipecac co-founder Greg Werckman. “The combination of the closure of our beloved indie record stores, delays and shutdowns of manufacturing plants and the lack of disposable income for many has given us no reasonable choice but to delay the release of this wonderful record. Fear not, music as you knew it, will eventually be back.”