Kidd Called Quest Shares “Relate (Never Give You Up 2)” Feat. Jaz-O, Pretty Bulli, Ken-C & Curtis Coke

Prolific Rochester, NY Producer Kidd Called Quest has returned with an all-star video/single that transverses 50 years of hip-hop!  “Relate” aka “Never Give You up 2” was inspired by part 1 (which appears on the recently released Ken-C project The Kendrick Cole EP, which was also fully produced by Kidd).

Testifying on their own spiritual awakening and treasured hip-hop memories on the track include St. Paul, MN’s Ken-C, Buffalo, NY’s Pretty Bulli (fresh off an appearance on Sway In The Morning), Rochester’s  Curtis Coke (just off tour with 38 Spesh) and the legendary “Originator” himself Jaz-O!

The video was fully animated in A-I by HIPHOPIZLYFE as Kidd said, “It would be nearly impossible to get everyone in the same city due to scheduling and this option actually turned out as exactly as I envisioned it.”  On reaching out to Jaz-O for the track Kidd also related, “Everyone on the track relates their personal experiences with hip-hop but I definitely wanted someone to relate about the earliest days of it and I have always wanted to work with Jaz-O.”