Kestrels Share Video Single “Vanishing Point”

Nova Scotia’s Kestrels are about to shake things up with its forthcoming album Dream Or Don’t Dream (Darla Records) dropping next week on July 10, 2020. This isn’t the band’s first release, or even second or third. The Kestrels have been quietly making a name for themselves with loud and brash guitars since the release of 2009’s Primary Colours and by the sound of things, there’s no intention of slowing down.

If the band sounds like its fuzzed-out sound is 90’s inspired, you’re on the right track. The trio barely takes a moment to breathe with its indie-induced vibe. Today the band shares its new video single for “Vanishing Point,” which is pieced together with overdriven guitars, harmonized vocals, and a frenetic rhythm section that’s relentless.

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