Katie Bejsiuk Shares Video For Single ”Onion Grass”

Katie Bejsiuk (fka Free Cake For Every Creature) shares a video “Onion Grass,” the acclaimed lead single from her upcoming debut album, The Woman on the Moon, out tomorrow June 24th on Double Double Whammy. The video was filmed and colored by Florist’s Emily Sprague and directed by V Haddad. 

“Onion Grass” is a track “inspired by the rupture of an adolescent friendship, which occurred as we moved from the imaginative space of childhood to the restrictive and gendered structures of young adulthood,” says Katie. Clean acoustic strumming gradually gets louder and more dissonant with the addition of electric guitar, mimicking the tumultuous journey of growing up, while Katie invokes a prayer for small natural wonders and innocence.

The name Bejsiuk is the singer-songwriter’s original surname: her father, a first generation American with parents from Ukraine, changed it before she was born. By reclaiming the name for her solo project, the first new music we’ve heard from Katie since Free Cake disbanded in 2019, she has conjoined with a shadow version of herself who holds hands with her past, present, and future. And with the release of her debut album listeners are offered the most wholly version of Katie yet.

Photo Courtesy: V Haddad