Julie Wolf Shares Emotional Single “Virginity”

New York indie-pop darling Julia Wolf has released her deeply vulnerable new track “Virginity” (BMG). While “Virginity” marks Julia’s third song of the year, it is also the first track she has co-produced. It was written when she was 19 and put aside until now. Steeped in relatability and sincerity, “Virginity” aims to offer hope and strength to other young women who have also harbored anger and sadness after their own “first time” experiences.

“‘Virginity’ speaks about an extremely personal matter that carried much sadness and anger at the time, but also gave lots of insight into myself in retrospect,” Julia shares. “I’m sure many of us can relate to wanting our first time to be with someone we care deeply for, as this was something my sister and I promised each other, but sometimes life happens and promises get broken. I have realized the importance of putting yourself first and never choosing to settle. It’s a reminder that for as many moments we experience that feel dark or regretful or gloomy, there are moments that follow, full of lessons and beauty which make us appreciate who we are and how we choose to move forward in our lives.”

The young Italian-American artist is the definition of DIY: writing all of her own music and creating her own artwork, as well as animations. After a series of underwhelming meetings with producers, none of whom understood Julia’s perspective, she also began self-producing her music, allowing her to stay true to her vision. Julia eventually met producer Jackson Foote, who “got it,” and has worked with him ever since. Her hard work and individuality is paying off with more than 50 million streams to date and a dedicated fanbase.

Photo Courtesy: Shervin Lainez