Jazzboy Shares Video ‘Xmas Will Never Happen Again’

Based in Paris, avant-pop auteur Jazzboy evokes a post-Yuletide-dystopia with new single ‘Xmas Will Never Happen Again’, which follows tour dates across the US and Europe with Agar Agar, Ryan Power, Sloppy Jane and Tredici Bacci.

Produced in his cluttered bedroom, lit only by the flickering blue light emitted from dozens of Matrix-esque screens, the new track arrives shortly after Christmas day, when the “year gooch” sets in and a nationwide stupor of gluttony, gastrointestinal problems, and not-quite-hangover-not-quite-cold headaches ensue.

Dressed like a post-apocalyptic scavenger during a nuclear fallout, the self-starring, self-directed visuals fittingly accompany the 4-minute feat. Complying with his sonic niche, the infectious central riff wouldn’t be out of place within the eerie nostalgia of a late-eighties holiday film.

“The changes I’ve been through in my personal life over the last year got me feeling like a child whose fairy-world has collapsed in front of their very eyes,” Jazzboy comments on the auditory present, “like a kid witnessing a dead Santa Claus in bloodstained snow. Something graphic, violent and irrevocable.