Jason Boland Shares Video For “The Light Saw Me”

Renowned singer-songwriter Jason Boland announced his eccentric sci-fi concept album The Light Saw Me, released December 3 via Thirty Tigers. Produced by GRAMMY award-winner, Shooter Jennings, it blends country influences from across the cosmos. Crunchy guitars, psychedelic pedal steel and roaring fiddles soundtrack his vivid sci-fi storytelling. Boland recounts the tale of a cowboy living in Texas in the late 1890s who is abducted by aliens and thrust into the future by a century, returning in the 1990s with no perception that any time has passed, searching for his wife who is no longer of this world. 

Boland debuted title track and video for “The Light Saw Me.” A pacy rock country exploration with a lithe guitar lick and Boland’s vocal croon introducing us to the album’s central character, the cowboy and his first life changing extraterrestrial encounter. 

Discussing the track, Boland stated, “The Light Saw Me as a song and album which aims to highlight our lack of ultimate control over our narratives. So much of what happens in our lives seems to choose us in spite of our grand plans.”

Producer Shooter Jennings added, “Jason is one of my dearest friends and, in my opinion, one of the smartest and coolest dudes I know. He was the first person to ask me to produce their record and many years ago we had a great time making “Dark and Dirty Mile”.  So it was natural for me to be more than excited to be asked to produce The Light Saw Me.  This album isn’t just another album from Jason & The Stragglers. It’s a magnum opus of the highest creative order, which in turn I take as a very serious honor to be able to be a part of its inception.” 

He added, “Jason and the band were a delight and Jason’s vision from the album served as our lodestar as we carried it from cradle to its proper spot on the mountain high. It’s one of the coolest sounding records I’ve heard in years, so I’m really excited to see what the future holds for The Light Saw Me.”

Drawing inspiration from podcasts including Desert Oracle Radio, the album boldly attempts to simultaneously address existential questions, from the meaning of life to more personal reflections on love and loss. Beneath Bolands sensational sci-fi narrative lies an allegory. He explains, “the deeper meaning of the material is “meaning” itself. When faced with the stoic realities of our collective fate, love is the source of the power that can keep us going.”  

Photo Courtesy: Will Von Bolton