Jaguwar Debuts Video For Single “Valley”

Straight out of Berlin, Germany comes Jaguwar. The group’s last release, Ringthing (Tapete Records) which dropped over 2 and a half years ago, was one of the greatest albums many didn’t hear back in 2018. The band is made up of bassist Oyèmi Hessou, guitarist Felix “Lemmy” Fischer, and drummer Christoph Krenkel, and has a sound that revisits shoegaze and noise-pop, branding it with its own imagination and stamping its identity all over it. The music the group creates is drenched around effects pedals, glorious melodies, and unencumbered rhythms that leave everything destroyed in its wake. This is Jaguwar.

Today the group has resurfaced sharing the new single “Valley,” which takes off where the band last landed. Frantically paced rhythms, sweet melodies, walls of guitar, and vocal harmonies are all seamlessly blended together. With the new track, there are no missteps, only Jaguwar in all its glory.

“Valley” provides a first glimpse of the upcoming album. You can expect a symbiosis of Wall of Sound and detail-loving playfulness. For the music video of ” Valley” Jaguwar teamed with Dominik Jureschko. In the video you can see the band perform their song in a crazy world of bright colors, kitsch and confetti. Always at the edge of  exaggeration, JAGUWAR are dancing on the remains of intelligent pop music.