Imaad Wasif Shares “Fader”

Acclaimed Los Angeles singer, guitarist, and songwriter IMAAD WASIF today releases a romantic, dreamlike video to his soaring single “Fader.” Taken from his sixth studio album So Long Mr. Fear (release date: August 9, 2022 via Sonic Ritual), the “Fader” video is a gorgeously shot mood piece that reflects the graceful beauty of the single. Amidst scenes of a couple slow dancing while Wasif plays a grand piano, and other visual vignettes, the tilaka painted on his forehead is a cultural reminder of his “personal secular spiritual beliefs.” He adds, “The mark is worn as a direct confrontation of a philosophically diametric upbringing: My mother Hindu and my father Muslim.”

“I imagine ‘Fader’ as the song you hear playing inside a piano lounge tucked in a discreet strip mall,” director Gillian Garcia says. “Inside you find a hidden world—a mystifying person plays the piano and sings in a corner while a lone couple dance underneath a disco ball.”
When creating this single, a song with the spellbinding couplet, “If I die next to you there would be no defeat/Only glory that would shine down on me,” Wasif and his collaborators harnessed piano, keyboard and long, moaning guitar notes that drift through the measures. “Fader” also features singer Jen Wood (The Postal Service, Tattle Tale).