Iceburn Preview Share Teaser Video For “Healing The Ouroboros”

The ever-evolving and adventurous collective Iceburn offer another preview of their upcoming album,  Asclepius  (Southern Lord), out June 25, 2021 – “Healing The Ouroboros” is one of two long-form tracks on the album, driven by monolithic riffs, swirling harmonies, and a wicked groove, with lyrics that reference classic mythology.

Much like the mythical ouroboros that appear in their music, Iceburn have come full circle, embracing early influences and tapping into the foundations of their sound, as Gentry Densley comments, “Iceburn had always been about progressing and pushing the boundaries, pushing the music ahead of ourselves so we had to work to catch up.  This new record comes from a place of rediscovery of who we are deep down, a place that with all its challenges and comforts, ultimately feels like home.”