Human Love Shares Latest Single “Lemon Dove”

The band have released their latest single “Lemon Dove”.

Human Love on the new song: “The process of making Lemon Dove was spontaneous. All of the ideas came out fluidly without music second guessing. It’s really exciting to work on music when spontaneity reigns over deliberation. The harmonies and music in the first section of the song were inspired and adapted from a Debussy Prelude and there’s a spirit to the music that connects with the name of the band as a lyric that we found really special. It’s about love. It’s about summer.”  – Erick Eiser

The debut project from Human Love, Black Void is the product of four longtime collaborators redefining the limits of their sonic identity. Black Void came to life not long after the four musicians relocated from New York City to L.A. in 2019—a move that sparked a period of transformation as the band members pursued their own distinct projects including Mosseri who established himself as a film score composer (earning widespread acclaim for his work on A24’s Last Black Man in San Francisco). Working separately proved to have a unifying effect on the musicians, ultimately emboldening them to take entirely new risks in their shared output.

The band co-produced the EP with Sonny DiPerri who helped them redefine their sound and move into new sonic territory from their previous project The Dig. “In the past, one person would bring in an idea and we’d build everything from there, but now the process is so much more collaborative, with everyone bringing in their specific perspective to everything we make,” says Baldwin. “I think there’s something beautiful about us going in different directions and then coming back together like this,” Mosseri adds. “We’re taking what we’d explored on our own and feeding it back into this music, and pushing everything forward to create something completely new.”