Hot Milk Shares “Horror Show,” Announces New Album

Manchester’s Hot Milk has announced its debut album ‘A CALL TO THE VOID (Music For Nations) set for release 25th August 2023. Pre-order the album HERE. Highlighting today’s announcement is the release of lead single “HORROR SHOW” and its official music video.

Speaking on the band’s new single, Han Mee shares

To those on the outside of the lives that we lead, we may look odd, scary and different,,, so what? In their eyes we may be damned, lost, rebellious, and less than. This song accepts that difference, embraces it, and shoves it back in their faces. Built to be obnoxious and written to be purposely aggressive, ‘Horror Show’ combines our loves of drum n bass n dirty riffs. fuck it, where are who are like it or lump it.