Helado Negro Shares Single “La Naranja”

New York’s Helado Negro has released the new single “La Naranja.” The song is accompanied by an official video directed by Andrew Anderson. “La Naranja” is the third single to preview the new album Far In (4AD Records) which will be released on October 22. The song opens with long violin tones, joined by a creeping tea kettle frequency. Rather than a brutal jolt, at the point of contact, Roberto Lange’s voice gleefully bounces in to tell us that we will survive the end of the world. It’s possible to hear the world on fire and the abundant fruit of collective courage turning round at once. Supported by the grounding bassline of Taja Cheek (L’Rain), Roberto’s faith in survival persists.

This song is about the world and thinking about how we can save it,” Roberto explains. “How long will we have these abundant natural things? Growing up in Florida, these oranges were everywhere and it was easy for us to not care about the ones that were wasted on the ground. Now we see the end of a lot of things.”

“La Naranja” follows the recent single “Outside the Outside.” The song has a visualizer edited from Roberto’s family house parties in 1980s South Florida. “My family came to this country as outsiders looking for and finding community,” Roberto shares. “People would come to our house and bond through music, food, and dancing. They usually began at 8 PM and lasted until 5 AM.”