Guy Blakeslee Announces Solo Album, Shares Single

Nearly two decades into a lifer’s voyage of shapeshifting through shadowy realms of the American underground, Guy Blakeslee has announced his latest release. The gorgeous and dramatic Postcards From The Edge is out February 5, 2021 via his own Entrance Records. A wandering soul who has spent the better part of his musical life on the road, the album was recorded in New Orleans at the house studio of Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The new album from the guitar-wielding frontman of psych-legends The Entrance Band answers the conundrum: “What if Rimbaud met Roy Orbison, on acid in a room full of synthesizers, after a late night wander through the haunted streets of New Orleans? Is getting lost the only way to ever be found? At what point does the hero’s journey become a fool’s errand?”

“I don’t remember trying to write this song. It just emerged fully formed, though the title had been kicking around in my mind since I was really young thanks to Carrie Fisher,” notes Blakeslee. “It was born from the chaos that’s created when a traveler lingers too long in one place while those who really live there are trying to make sense of their stationary lives.  Strange triangulations occur, boundaries are tested and technology warps the illusion of keeping in touch. If you don’t belong anywhere, then you can belong everywhere. Distance and closeness might be more psychic than physical.”

The track also comes with a self-made eerie new video. “This strange time we are living in is teaching me how to make the most of the things within reach–a handheld VHS camera, a candle, a forest, an old piano,” adds Guy. “I’ve rarely been into television but was pleased to create something handmade that reminded me of two shows I’ve dearly loved–the X-Files and Twin Peaks.”