Growing Concerns Poetry Collective Share Video, “Come To Me Open”

Chicago’s Growing Concerns Poetry Collective is pleased to share its new single, “Come To Me Open,” from their new album, BIG DARK BRIGHT FUTURES, out this Friday, alongside its accompanying video. Following the lead single, “Shout Across Mountains,” “Come to Me Open” sees band members Mykele Deville, McKenzie Chinn, and Jeffrey Michael Austin each presiding over one of the song’s three “movements” in a sensual exploration of modern love shaped by the diaspora. 

“The struggle for liberation is all encompassing. We not only fight for the freedom to live, we fight to liberate ourselves from toxicity and hardened hearts,” says Deville. “‘Come To Me Open’ declares consent, intimacy, and communication as necessary tools in the revolution to come. It’s a cosmic representation of spirits ascending and merging through the chaos and noise of our time.”