Grimson Shares Single “Heavy Machine”

Berlin-based songwriter Grimson is sharing his latest single and music video, “Heavy Machine,” ahead of a live performance at Old Blue Last in London this Friday, November 11th. Also out today is a music video animated and directed by Grimson in collaboration with Australian artist and animator Kier Spilsbury.

“Heavy Machine” builds upon the crumbling relationship narrative of his previous release “Set Gently,”  albeit with an entirely different attitude. The song dwelled in airy melancholy and the mature hope of accepting a relationship’s inevitable demise. Grimson’s self-produced music video for the song contained a quiet, yet striking metaphor – the individual versus the industrial, manifested as a live performance of a folk song while seated on an ever-descending escalator. “Heavy Machine,” however, does the opposite, pulling that visual metaphor back into the lyrical realm as Grimson makes much more pointed accusations of cold and brutal behavior from that same ex-partner, likening her to a “steel submarine” that operates like heavy machinery.