Grian Chatten Shares Video For Latest Single “Bob’s Casino”

Grian Chatten is pleased to share “Bob’s Casino,” the latest track to be taken from his critically acclaimed, UK top 10 debut solo album, Chaos For The Fly. Accompanying the track is a video, shot near England’s south-east coast by British director Ella Schlesinger.

Ella Schlesinger on the “Bob’s Casino” video: “In the near reality, surreal world of “Bob’s Casino” music video, we watch the hopelessly romantic quest of a man trying to find his love whilst being pursued by a BMW car, echoing the fable-like, romantic gesture I feel this song embodies. This video intends to feel playful with a strong feeling of longing as he is both being chased and chasing something. The man’s 3-meter-long arms and bulbous head hope to expand this idea of a dejected man whose appearance mirrors his limitations in getting to his love.”

“As the video unfolds, we watch the man gain momentum as he tries to escape the car, running faster and ripping off his large extended arms as he goes. As we get to the end of the video, we see the man has made it to daylight and has both lost the car and got to the land’s edge – the sea – his love.”

Named after the battered and bruised amusement park which occupies the north-of-Dublin seafront where Grian Chatten’s solo album was first conceived “Bob’s Casino,” sets Grian’s enigmatic lyricism to ghostly echoes of brass and swing. Swooning backing vocals – courtesy of Grian’s fiancée, Georgie Jesson – elevate the composition with a shimmer of hazy nostalgia.

Grian spent album release week taking these songs to independent record stores and performing them live for the first time to packed rooms with just an acoustic guitar for company. As one of the most watchable and intense vocalists in recent memory, Grian Chatten’s solo work has shone a spotlight on his singular talent as both a poet and an artist in his own right.

Photo Courtesy: Polocho