Great Time Shares Final Single Before EP Release “Was I Right”

An ambitious project that further expands the trio’s influences and styles, Philly’s Great Time latest effort Sounds Like__ Vol 3 is a triumphant barrage of sound.  The band have relied on going against the conventional methods of writing with the focus squarely on being focused on exploration which in turn feels organic and pure. 

Great Time has dropped the video to one of the more striking tracks coming off Sounds Like__ Vol 3, “Was I Right.”  The offering features swooning guitars and swinging vocals from lead singer Jill Ryan.  “Was I Right” follows along the blueprint of late ‘90s/early 2000’s alternative rock along with choruses that are graceful. 

Here’s Ryan on the single: “Was I Right” started as a voice memo called “Zeb’s Nu Wav Riff”. It’s vaguely reminiscent of the chorus drenched, guitar driven Brit rock of the 1980s (think The Smiths, The Cure, etc).  The video is similar in that it’s both nostalgic yet current – a sort of sketchbook of what it means to be in a band touring on the road, recording in the studio, and generally exploring life without too much of an agenda. It feels familiar yet distant, almost blurring the lines between memories and dreams, while still feeling grounded in reality.

When I was little, I used to lay in my bed at night and stare up at the ceiling in my room. I’d get into a trance looking up and envision a really warm, comforting scene. It looked like a landscape of a Nilla Wafer cookie. But as soon as I was about to fall asleep, the scene would suddenly change to a grungy, oily, dirty landscape and my body would have a negative physical reaction. My hands felt enormous, my body teeny tiny and a knot would form in my stomach. It was so confusing! Why do I feel this way? I was so content, just about to fall asleep and then seemingly out of nowhere, this scary and uncomfortable feeling would take over. This would happen nightly for me and now as an adult I realize that I was experiencing anxiety. Those sensations still find me to this day so I wanted to write a song about it. Zack, our bassist/guitarist, edited this video using old tour footage of our younger selves and shots of us performing the song in our studio. I think the visuals really match the emotions and intention of the song.”

Great Time is set to celebrate Sounds Like__ Vol 3 (set for release Friday) with their EP release party tonight at Brooklyn Bowl.  Set to perform on the bill includes   Kingsley Ibeneche & Zoe Sparks).  Tickets and info can be found HERE.  Great Time has a slew of dates after tonight’s show:

6/24: Richmond Music Hall – Richmond, VA

6/25: Pearl Street Warehouse – Washington, DC

7/3: Peach Fest – Scranton, PA

8/26: Foam Brewers – Burlington, VT

Photo Courtesy: UV Lucas