Good Posture Shares Video “Changin’,” Announces New Release

Good Posture, Leipzig-based and UK-born Joel Randles, is set to release the new Changin‘ EP (Feeltrip), set for release on October 29, 2021. Randall makes guitar pop songs at their breeziest and jangliest, with thick drum machine beats and slightly smeared synth melodies. For Good Posture, he takes solid ideas culled from a variety of dreamy Indie Pop, Synth, and Rock to form the music into what it is; a hauntingly atmospheric journey of sound. Randles wrote these songs, in contrast to his earlier singles, with the idea of live performance in mind, and even reworked his viral hit “Italy” within his new production model. The results are easy to love: concise, highly melodic songwriting with rich production touches.

“The songs were written and recorded in my shared apartment in Leipzig, Germany simply in my bedroom. I produced the songs myself, having spent the last years since my last release focusing a lot on learning production and finding and saving sounds that I really liked.”