Golf Alpha Bravo Drops Latest Single “Stuck Being Me”

Golf Alpha Bravo is Los Angeles-based Australian singer and guitarist Gab Winterfield (Jagwar Ma) has shared his video for “Stuck Being Me.” It’s the latest from his debut album The Sundog LP, due June 12 via his own Treasured Recordings label. Directed by Pooneh Ghana, the video was filmed in Los Angeles on his birthday. “I’ve always been inspired by the home videos of days gone by: real light burnt on to real film with the grainy effects feeling like silent films, moving portraits,” notes Gab. “The video feels as raw and unencumbered as the track itself.” Adds Pooneh, “I had originally gone to meet Gab to shoot stills for the album and the light was just so beautiful. I always keep my trusty super 8 with me, just in case, and I’m so glad I did.”

The Sundog LP features 11-tracks filled with his is a unique brand of Surf Blues–a siren to a childhood of growing up on the coast of Sydney Australia: an eternal loop of surf, skate, Frusciante, and Hendrix… and the occasional Mario Kart tournament. “The record moves between looking inward and outward, desire and respite,” notes Gab. “I wanted to make something warm that grooves, something that’s deep enough to sink into, and bouncy enough to bop to. An epic journey from the comfort of your lounge, or the soundtrack to a long summer drive.”