French Mouth Delivers “The Ocean”

The L.A. 4-piece has released a handful of singles and an EP since 2018, slowly building on its momentum, only to have the pandemic toss a monkey wrench into its plans like it has for so many others. But that momentum wasn’t lost on French Mouth or its 2020 Paper Tiger EP. The release piqued interest, offering just a taste of what the band has to offer.

The post-punk outfit just released the video for “The Ocean” which is the lead single off In Your Shark Eyes, French Mouth’s full-length debut effort, which is set to drop on June 21, 2022.

Of the track, the band offers this:

“‘The Ocean’ serves as an intro track to the concept album ‘In Your Shark Eyes’, which follows Person and their journey out of an alternate reality, the ocean, and back to reality… if there truly is any reality to return to. Person continues to question their existence and seeks answers from a mysterious entity.”