Frances Quinlan Shares Video For "Rare Thing"

Frances Quinlan of Hop Along is gearing up to release her official solo debut Likewise next month on Saddle Creek, and she returns with a video for the record’s lead single “Rare Thing.” On its release a few weeks ago, “Rare Thing” was received with widespread acclaim, marking the start of an exciting new chapter for Quinlan, who has made a name for herself as one of the most prominent songwriters with one of the most distinct and inimitable voices in the indie rock space over the past decade. As the lyrics relate a tumultuous dream about her then-infant niece, “Rare Thing” finds Quinlan expressing both joy and sadness in the discovery that a better, and perhaps more generous way to love exists. The entrancing song receives a mesmerizing Derrick Belcham-directed video, with Quinlan blending her talents as both a musician and visual artist as she creates 10+ feet tall paintings throughout the clip. Quinlan’s visual art has been a key component of both Hop Along’s records and apparel and Frances’ solo work, with a self-portrait of Quinlan on the cover of the forthcoming Likewise.

While Hop Along began as Quinlan’s solo project (originally titled Hop Along, Queen Ansleis), Likewise is Quinlan’s debut under her own name. Recorded with bandmate Joe Reinhart at The Headroom, Likewise sees Quinlan tap into new sounds. “Working with Joe on this made me able to better see that the guitar is just one vehicle… there are so many others to explore,” Quinlan says on this collaboration, which features synthesizers, digital beats, harps, strings, and a wide variety of keyboards. This newfound openness to sonic exploration echoes the sentiments of Likewise, which is a gorgeous rumination about the universal struggles of communication and connection between human beings.

Likewise will be released on January 31st via Saddle Creek.