Forty Feet Tall Drop Video For “BOIL”

“‘BOIL” started as a demo in singer Cole [Gann]’s bedroom and quickly exploded into what it is now: a forceful and rage-filled song directed at creeps and misogynists everywhere,” explains Portland-based indie rockers Forty Feet Tall about their new single. “It’s our hardest-hitting song to date and sets the tone nicely for our up-and-coming EP.” Taken from BOIL out on September 23 via Magnetic Moon, the song’s cartoonishly harrowing video directed by Sela Shiloni, plays like a horror film whose villain is a bloody zombified creep who disguises his true self before his date.

The incendiary track with Cole Gann’s lyrics and shouting vocals, “He thinks you want him cuz you looked at him once / He thinks you need him cuz you brushed his leg,” beside heavily distorted riff, catapults Forty Feet Tall in a new musical direction.

Forty Feet Tall’s upcoming EP progresses the band forward, launching from where their previous record A Good Distraction left off. While that album was focused mainly on the effects the pandemic and the political climate had on the band, this EP harnesses the adrenaline and angst that being cooped up created.  

Photo Courtesy: Harper King