Ferry Townes Shares New Single “Be Here”

Ferry Townes releases new single Be Here via Licorice Pizza Records. The single marks the first official release under Ferry Townes, fronted by breakout singer-songwriter Julia Gargano. Self-reflective and healing, “Be Here” is a gentle reminder, set to a meditative and driving rhythm carrying lyrics like “Can we just be here, without worrying about what’s not here?”. It’s just the start of a musical diary and upcoming debut collection from Ferry Townes.

The sounds of Ferry Townes is an eclectic blend of acoustic and electronic elements, reminiscent of bands like HAIM and boygenius, yet with a distinct melodic narrative and alternative pop flair. She shares “Every page of lyrics tries to be closure to a tumultuous day, trying to compost the hard shit and turn it into energy, heartbreak into audacity, anxiousness into meditation. Nothing about life right now is normal and we are all off-roading emotionally and these songs should feel like a 4×4 for listeners.” 

Born and raised in Staten Island, the name Ferry Townes pays homage to The Staten Island Ferry, a symbol of Julia’s teen years commuting to LaGuardia High School, family days, dates, and watching the Statue of Liberty pass by. She shares, “Staten Island, often underestimated, grows more irreplaceable to me every time I’m on the road.” 

From her deep Staten Island roots, grows a vivid musical exploration of feminine identity and growing pains, sprinkled with anxious flashes and flirty obsessions. “Be Here” is just the start of the Ferry Townes’ melodic and coming-of-age journey. She shares, “I can literally see my growth as a person when I look at these songs. They were written over the span of the past 3 years, which were a rollercoaster. Mid-twenties are such a weird age. Ferry Townes was born out of a need to say things we should but don’t. Our songs are like those intense, never-sent letters, filled with raw overshares that one might only say with brave thumbs, but not their mouths.”

Photo Courtesy: Abby Orons