Fantastic Cat Shares Video For “C’mon Armageddon”

They said it couldn’t be done. Four different songwriters joining forces to form a single band? There was simply no precedent (outside of CSNY, The Beatles, The Traveling Wilburys, The Highwaymen, Monsters of Folk, etc). And yet Fantastic Cat did it anyway, defying the odds and teaming up to record their highly unanticipated debut, The Very Best Of Fantastic Cat, out July 29th on Blue Rose Music. Captured in the wilds of the Pocono Mountains, the album gleefully careens between genres and decades, mixing electrified 60’s folk and 70’s AM radio gold as it balances careful craftsmanship and ecstatic abandon in equal measure.

Fantastic Cat officially announces their debut record and signing to Blue Rose Music with the release of the surreal music video for “C’mon Armageddon,” starring actor Marc Geller, who you may recognize as the mysterious Kier Eagan from the hit Apple TV+ show Severance.

Individually, each member of Fantastic Cat boasts their own impressive resume along with a litany of critical acclaim. Collectively, though, the four transcend their respective roots, emerging as an instrument-swapping, harmony-trading, tear-jerking, wise-cracking rock and roll cooperative far greater than the sum of its parts. That collaborative spirit made the band a perfect fit for artist collective Blue Rose Music, who fell in love with the group after hearing an early single on Sirius XM’s The Spectrum.

“In a musical landscape where smaller outlier bands rarely get a fair shake, Blue Rose was the label you wished were there,” says DiLego. “And then poof: there they were to take us under their wing.”
They say some cats are born fantastic; others have fantasy thrust upon them. These guys are somewhere in the middle.

“Some days you look around and find yourself rooting for a meteor to come down and pay us a visit,” says Anthony D’Amato. “When it came time to shoot the video, it only felt right that Fantastic Cat should be performing the song at a house party for a doomsday cult.”

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Photo Courtesy: Shervin Lainez